About Us

NCII-PMI-buildingProgressive Machinery Inc. is located in Welland, Ontario, Canada and was officially established in 1999. We are a sales, engineering and value added company that specializes in the supplying of machines that produce and package wire and cable products.

Equipment offerings include extrusion lines and components, cabling/bunching machinery, wire drawing and forming machinery, lead extruders, armoring machinery, welding/corrugating lines, packaging and spooling machinery, taping machinery and braiders.

The key people within PMI are:

Roy Rymer
As a native of the Niagara Region and also the founder of Niagara Composites, Roy began his journey into the plastics industry while studying orthotics and prosthetics at college. He was also involved with extrusion, pultrusion, injection molding, metallurgy and heat treatment. The roots of his business date back to 1970. Since then, he has concentrated on supplying superior products at a reasonable price to the wire industry. Roy is also an avid model airplane enthusiast.