BraidersProgressive Machinery offers 16 and 24 carrier vertical style braiders for wire & cable and the medical industries. Each machine includes a touch screen control panel with PLC, frequency controlled drive for infinite adjustment of braiding RPM, an automatic lubrication system, braiding wire, tape and broken core detection and alarm display. A tape dispenser is included with each unit. The enclosure is sound insulated with a safety guard door and provides noise protection below 80dB. 16 carrier units operate up to 150 RPM while the 24 carrier versions go up to 100 RPM. A complete spare parts kit is included with each unit. We also offer these same units with digital pitch control. Fine wire units are also available. Heavy duty versions for stainless steel wire are available. Horizontal braiding systems are supplied in 24, 32, 36 and 48 carrier configurations. We also provide manual and automatic bobbin rewinders.

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