Continuous AL/CU Extrusion

al-cuProgressive Machinery provides Aluminum and Copper Continuous Extrusion lines for shaped wire profiles such as flat wire, bus bar, complex profiles, trolley wire, and tubing (single and multiport). Units can also be provided for aluminum clad steel production or aluminum sheathed cable. The revolving extrusion wheel is driven by a motor, and it guides the feedstock to enter the wheel groove. The feedstock is dragged into the chamber by the friction between the wheel groove and feedstock. The friction generates high temperature and heavy pressure, under the high temperate and pressure, the metal is formed into the desired shape through a die.

Centered around the Continuous Extrusion Machine, the line is equipped with the straightener, cooling systems, length counter, take-up stand and other auxiliary equipments based on the actual requirement.

Systems are available for wheel diameters from 250mm to 630mm.

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