Extrusion Lines and Components

extrusionProgressive Machinery provides extruders ranging in size from 25mm to 150mm diameter. A wide range of different styles of payoffs and takeups can be utilized. Dancers/Accumulators, Preheaters, Hopper Loaders/Dryers, Water Troughs, Cable Drying Systems, Capstans and Spark Testers complete our portfolio. Control systems can be configured as discrete, computer/PLC , or hybrid. We incorporate internationally recognized vendors for crossheads and measurement systems.

Examples of the major lines that we provide:

  • RF/CATV Coaxial Cable Skin-foam-skin Physical Foaming Cascade Extrusion Line
  • RF/CATV Coaxial Cable Skin-foam-skin Physical Foaming Extrusion Line (single extruder)
  • Sheathing Extrusion Line for RF Coaxial Cable
  • Sheathing Extrusion Line for Leaky Coaxial Cable
  • LAN, QSFR, HDMI & Mini Coaxial Cable Solid/Stripe Insulation Tandem Extrusion Line PE
  • LAN Cable FEP/PFA Solid Insulation Tandem Extrusion Line
  • Sheathing Extrusion Line for LAN Cable & Mini Coaxial Cable
  • Railway Cable Inner Jacketing Extrusion Line
  • Railway Cable Outer Jacketing Extrusion Line
  • Optical Cable Secondary Coating Line
  • Optical Cable Dual-layer/Single-layer + Stripe Loose Tube Extrusion Line
  • Optical Cable Sheathing Line
  • Tight Buffering Extrusion Line
  • OF Premises Cable Line
  • FTTH Drop Wire Extrusion Line
  • Secondary Coating Line for Dry Loose Tube/Micro Tube
  • Tactic Optical Fiber Cable Stranding & Extrusion Line
  • X-ETFE High Temperature Extrusion Line
  • Silicon Rubber Extrusion Line
  • Ships & Warships Cable Extrusion Line
  • FEP High Temperature Extrusion Line
  • Insulation Extrusion Line for Building Wire
  • High Speed Cable Core Insulation Extrusion Line for Control Cable/Electric Wire
  • Optical Fiber Tandem SZ/Jacketing
  • Optical Fiber Tandem Planetary/Jacketing

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