Welding/Corrugating Lines

IMAG0029This style production line is mainly used for manufacturing the smooth corrugation of aluminum, copper or steel metallic sheathing for power or telecom cable. The metallic sheath plays a key role the design of high voltage underground cable systems, as it much satisfies essential electrical and mechanical functions to ensure the correct operation of a cable.

Through-metal welding using a Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welder is a high quality process for the joining of metal tapes. This process provides a mechanically invisible joint with equivalent strength, thickness, and formability to the non-welded tape. TIG welding is the best method for metallurgically joining thin gauge metals while maintaining or improving mechanical properties. The metals used for cable shielding and armoring need to be electrically conductive and strong enough for cable applications.

Key advantages of our Welding and Corrugating Lines:

  1. Welding current automatically follows the capstan speed
  2. Specially designed forming tools to guarantee stable welding operation
  3. Specially designed electric control system to guarantee smooth and stable welding
  4. Scrap take-up speed automatically follows the capstan speed
  5. Equipped with melt pool monitoring system of high definition and amplification
  6. Equipped with efficient cooling water system in order to guarantee continuous operation of the line
  7. The annular and spiral thread can be corrugated and their depth and pitch can be adjusted
  8. Corrugating head speed automatically follows the capstan speed

Systems are available for product diameters of up to 25, 50, 90, 150 or 200mm.

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