Lead Extruders

LeadExtruderLead sheathing is one of the best materials for service life of cables under high stress. Lead extruders are used to apply lead sheathing to cables or vulcanized rubber tube. The extruders are available in 100, 120, 150 and 200 mm configurations. The 150mm version is suitable for outer diameter of the lead layer between 10 and 110mm. With a screw to feed lead, it is possible to achieve continuous extrusion, so the thickness of lead layer is kept constant and even in the longitudinal direction. In addition, the unique design for strict control of temperature in every section also makes temperature and extrusion pressure constant at each section. Thus the thickness of the lead layer can be controlled within a very tight tolerance. The melting furnace, the purifying & holding furnace, and lead conveyor all work in an enclosed system. In addition, as the temperature of molten lead is relatively low, distribution of steam is greatly minimized.

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